Summer Series: Becoming a Professional in Washington, DC

By Alli Weiss, JWI Intern

Summer Series 2 2013

Samantha Friedman, left, and Sheila Katz, address D.C. interns during JWI’s Summer Series session on July 9, 2013.

JWI’s ninth annual Summer Series for interns and young professionals continued Tuesday morning with a glimpse into the professional world of Washington, DC.  Speakers Samantha Friedman and Sheila Katz captivated the 30 young women in the room, sharing personal success tips for making it as a young professional.   Though the two speakers discussed different points, both emphasized the importance of optimizing personal connections and translating personal ties into professional ones.

Samantha Friedman, a senior associate at Rabinowitz/Dorf Communications, gave insight into finding success in a new city.  Friedman, who has achieved personal and professional success living in Missouri, Arkansas, and currently in Washington, DC, emphasized the importance of finding a niche within a community in order to make a big city feel smaller.  She also spoke about the importance of personal connections, explaining to the group that if an in-person interview isn’t feasible due to distance, then a Skype interview is a good way to help establish relationships with potential employers. Also according to Friedman, it is important to  reach out to as many personal networks as possible.  Be it family members, college alumni networks, or old high school clubs, Friedman explained that opportunities can arise from any connection that is formed.

Sheila Katz, director at Ask Big Questions, Hillel, also feels that connections, especially those made online, can lead to exciting opportunities.  Katz gave several great tips about social media presence, teaching the women in the room to create “honest and authentic” brands for themselves online through Facebook and other social media sites.  She believes that social media is a hub for opportunities and that Facebook friends make up an invaluable network for career connections.  Katz also told the group to take their Facebook profiles from “billboard” to “conversation” status by being sure to respond to any friend that reaches out on Facebook.

Be sure to register for JWI’s final Summer Series briefing of the year, which will be an exciting conversation on “Personal Economic Empowerment for Young Women” on Tuesday, July 23.


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