“It is the lie… that women are somehow by nature destined to let the men run the show”

“Rape isn’t about hormones. It’s about power and humiliation and control. There’s a reason rape is used as a weapon in war, and it’s not because the enemy soldiers have been away from their wives and girlfriends too long…”

This new article by Susan Milligan explores some of the causes and implications of the high rates of sexual assault in the military.

Want to learn more? Join us this Thursday, June 27th from noon to 1:30pm Eastern for a National Alliance to End Domestic Abuse webinar, “Sexual Assault in the Military” with expert presenters Debby Tucker (National  Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence) and Terri Spahr Nelson (author of For God and Country:  Confronting Rape and Sexual Assault in the Military). This webinar will discuss the incidence and nature of sexual assault in the military, the current DoD policies, the challenges for victims and some solutions for the future. Participants will also learn what they can do to assist victims, increase offender accountability and affect change through military-civilian partnerships. Register now.


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