What’s a Woman to Do?

With so many issues affecting our safety, our well-being, our work, our lives… What’s a woman to do?

Well, what JWI is doing is encouraging people to explore the iconic names, terms and places that are in the news or on our radar, and that give us pause, that make us think, that provoke a reaction – and hopefully, encourage action.

This week, JWI launched “What’s a Woman to Do?” The innovative project centers around a word cloud featuring people’s names, phrases and places that as a whole, reflect the real-life reasons that JWI is working to empower women and girls. Some of the terms are edgy, many are controversial, a few are silly, some are fun, and several are sad or even tragic. They are names and concepts that we read about in the news, talk about at the water cooler, and ponder how they might apply to our own lives.

JWI is taking on the issues behind these words head-on. The issues of preventing violence against women, sexual assault and gun violence, building healthy relationships, developing economic security and financial literacy, growing self-esteem and female leadership, and enhancing women’s health, often do not have easy answers.

And that’s exactly why JWI is taking them on. JWI is the only Jewish organization engaged on all of them.

JWI invites you to explore each of the words and names in the word cloud, because for better or worse, motivational or controversial, these are the realities that frame our work today. We can’t ignore them. We won’t ignore them. Instead, we will embrace their relevance as we seek to build a community of Jewish women invested in advancing the well-being of women and girls everywhere.

Check out the issues, and then join the JWI community and start making a difference.


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