JWI Programs for Young Women Flourish Across the Country

RaeRingleFinancial literacy continues to be a priority for JWI, empowering women of all ages with skills and resources to help make them economically secure.  About 40 students at the College of Charleston in South Carolina learned about the dangers of credit card debt and of carrying a balance on their credit card. Budgeting is an important skill for all women, especially as they transition out from parental support into lives of greater independence. Realizing how much money it takes to rent an apartment, pay for a car, gas and insurance, food, clothing and a cell phone, as well as the other necessities of modern life, increases students’ determination to land a job that will allow them to maintain their lifestyle.

Negotiation skills were the centerpiece of a workshop for 25 young women working in nonprofits as part of the Avodah Fellowship program. Many of these Fellows are committed to working in the field of social justice and have no expectations of large salaries. Successfully negotiating for even a small salary increase will have an impact on their ability to support themselves and the group walked away with the tools they needed.

Young professionals learned critical communication and salary negotiation skills at a Young Women’s Leadership Network event led by executive coach Rae Ringel. Clear and responsive communication and listening are at the heart of any negotiation and the 40 participants took part in activities to hone these skills.

In October JWI will be leading financial literacy workshops for students at University of Michigan, Michigan State and Emory University in Atlanta, as part of our partnership with Sigma Delta Tau sorority.


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