Passover—the Festival of Chocolate

By Sue Tomchin, Editor, Jewish Woman magazine

While matzoh is the central food for Passover, chocolate seems to be running a close second. At my neighborhood supermarket (and granted I live in an area where many Jews reside) I discovered more than 60 types of chocolate candy on the shelves! And in some places, you can even find chocolate Seders—the matzoh eaten is chocolate-covered; four cups of chocolate milk are drunk instead of wine and Hillel’s sandwich is a s’more.

If your taste runs more to using chocolate as treat rather than the main event at Seder, check out the Passover selection from Illinois Nut and Candy. Each year, this Skokie, Ill.-based business, seems to come up with new ideas based on Seder themes. New this year—the 4 Questions—in chocolate, packaged in a gift box. Also available—in kosher, pareve chocolate—are Miriam’s Cup on a stick ($2.75); Afikomon Pop ($2.75); the Four Sons ($10); the 10 Plagues ($19.95) and green frogs ($9.75).


2 responses to “Passover—the Festival of Chocolate

  1. i can relate since i’m eating my way through 1 lb of chocolate covered almonds that are sitting with the “don’t touch it yet Pesachdik foods.”
    Happy Pesach!

  2. Thank you so much for mentioning Illinois Nut & Candy. We hope you had a sweet and healthy Passover. – David, Owner, Illinois Nut & Candy

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