Substance Abuse and Intimate Partner Violence – Basic Facts

By Dana Fleitman, Program Coordinator

The relationship between substance abuse and domestic violence is complex; while there is no causal link, there is a statistical significance. This NCADV Fact Sheet reveals key facts on the intersection of these issues, including:

  • Regular alcohol abuse is one of the leading risk factors for intimate partner violence
  • Batterers living with victims who have alcohol abuse problems often try to justify their violence as a way to control their victims when they are drunk
  • Women who have been abused are fifteen times more likely to abuse alcohol and nine times more likely to abuse drugs than women who have not been abused
  • 51% of domestic violence program directors agree that a woman’s use of alcohol can be a barrier to leaving a violent relationship
  • 61% of domestic violence offenders also have substance abuse problems

Register now to join the National Alliance to End Domestic Abuse on Thursday, March 21st from noon to 1:30pm Eastern for our upcoming webinar, “Substance Abuse and Intimate Partner Violence.” This webinar will explore the connection between substance abuse and intimate partner violence, focusing on best practices for working with perpetrators and victims with co-occurring substance abuse issues, as well as coordination/integration of substance abuse and domestic violence intervention.


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