16 Days: Afghanistan

By Beth Taubman, JWI Volunteer

Sosan Firooz
Photo courtesy of Multipolar Future

Although there have been some improvements for women in Afghanistan since 9-11, violence against women is still prevalent.   According to a 2011 poll by the Thomson Reuters Foundation, Afghanistan is the most dangerous country for women.   Violence against women has increased recently, with more than 3000 cases this year according to Afghanistan’s Independent Human Rights Commission.

Despite this increasing violence, women activists are speaking out and there are small signs of change.  Women in Kabul can be seen wearing makeup and shopping alone or with other women.  There is also an increase in the number of girls in school and women in government.

Sosan Firooz, Afghanistan’s first female rapper, uses her music to speak out against oppression and in favor of a more peaceful country.  She sings about the difficult times her family faced living as refugees in in Iran and Pakistan and encourages people to stay in their homeland.  She is breaking rules by performing and singing and not wearing the traditional burka.  Her uncle has cut off relations with her family because she performs and appears on television, but her father supports her and accompanies her when she goes out.

Watch her rap video, “Our Neighbors”:


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