Domestic Violence and the Parent-Child Relationship – Webinar Recap

By Dana Fleitman, JWI Program Coordinator

Yesterday, professionals in the field of domestic violence tuned in for our National Alliance to End Domestic Abuse’s November webinar, “Domestic Violence and the Parent-Child Relationship.” Three experts – Elena Cohen (Safe Start Center), Edwina Reyes (National Child Traumatic Stress Network) and Marylouise Kelley (Family and Youth Services Bureau) – discussed the effects of violence on children, how violence affects both the survivor and the perpetrator’s abilities to parent and how a trauma-informed care framework can benefit parents and children.

Violence impacts each individual member of a family as well as their relationships with each other. The presenters encourage all domestic violence professionals to learn more about how trauma affects families by visiting the Family Violence Prevention and Services ProgramNational Child Traumatic Stress Network and the Safe Start Center for free resources.

For more on children exposed to violence, see:

For more on parenting and family violence, see:

For more on trauma-informed care, see:

Thank you to those who joined us. If you are interested in joining the National Alliance for access to this and other webinars, please visit


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