16 Days: Romania

By Sophia Bass, JWI Intern

Photo courtesy of Not For Sale

Romania is known as a popular destination for sex trafficking. Each year, thousands of men, women, and children are trafficked into and through Romania for prostitution and forced labor, causing severe physical and emotional trauma. In 2007, the opportunity for the illicit transportation of people and goods from Eastern to Western Europe increased as a result of Romania entering the European Union. After a restricting of anti-trafficking agencies in 2009, NGO’s shut down, leaving Romania with little protection and prevention for trafficking victims.

David Batstone founded Not for Sale in 2007 to fight human trafficking and modern day slavery.  Since 2011, Not For Sale has been providing education, healthcare, counseling, shelter, and vocational training to victims of sex trafficking, labor, or illegal adoption.   NFS operates a small farm where trafficking victims live and work in greenhouses from which they sell produce to restaurants and catering companies.  NFS is a ray of hope for trafficking victims throughout Romania as it reassures women and children that they can restart their lives with love, education, and protection.


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