Jewish Chronicle Online Special Report: Helping Abused Children

By Dana Fleitman, JWI Program Coordinator

Violence in the home affects children everywhere. This new article from the Jewish Chronicle discusses the essential work that Jewish Women’s Aid (JWA) is taking to heal children exposed to violence, particularly Jewish children in England. As reported cases of domestic abuse within the Jewish community rise, JWA Executive Director Emma Bell emphasizes that “…this cuts across age, religion and economic background. It’s not a ‘them, not us’ thing.”

JWA’s specialist children’s worker, Nicola Wilson, explains that growing up with domestic violence can have long-term effects on children, including suicidal thoughts and actions, sleep trouble, eating disorders and trouble forming social relationships. Children  raised in abusive environments are more likely to become an abuser or be abused in the future.

Want to learn more? Register now for the National Alliance to End Domestic Abuse’s upcoming webinar, “Domestic Violence and the Parent-Child Relationship.”


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