16 Days: China

By Sophia Bass, JWI Intern

By Venus (China One Child Policy) [CC-BY-2.0, via Wikimedia Commons]
This sign, put up by the government, reads “Please for the sake of your country, use birth control.” It is found in the entry to the alley slums in Nanchang. These slums are where the pregnant women hide from the government officials enforcing the one child policy.

Gender based-violence has been pervasive throughout China in recent decades. In the wake of reducing population growth, China’s one-child policy  has resulted in the physical and emotional mistreatment of women, increasing the rate of forced sterilizations and abortions. This policy is known to promote more gender-based violence against women than any other policy in the world.  With nearly 590 female suicidesa day, women continue to suffer from China’s war against women.

In response to the one-child policy, Chinese activist, Chen Guangchen, has been actively working to stop forced abortions from occurring throughout his native country. He has filed lawsuits on behalf of women.  The United States pro-abortion advocates support his heroic efforts and urged U.S. officials to protect him. The United States and Chen Guangchen’s ultimate goal is to advocate prevention, protection, and accountability to end gender based violence and strengthen women around the world.

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