Domestic Violence from a Child’s View

By Dana Fleitman, JWI Program Coordinator

Domestic violence affects children and parents and has lifelong effects on the parent-child relationship. This creative short PSA from Verizon offers a glimpse into the impacts of violence on children and mothers:

Want to learn more? Register now for the National Alliance to End Domestic Abuse’s upcoming webinar, “Domestic Violence and the Parent-Child Relationship.”


One response to “Domestic Violence from a Child’s View

  1. What a touching video… The children are the key to stopping this problem longterm. Children from homes of domestic violence go on to repeat it UNLESS they have someone step in to help break the cycle. More than 90% of prisoners experienced violence as a child. Anthony Robbins works with a charity called that helps raise awareness of the problems and teaches adults and children how to properly deal with what they have experienced. You should check out the tweet & video Tony Robbins posted recently

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