16 Days: Peru

By Dana Fleitman, JWI Program Coordinator

María María Acha-Kutscher, born in Peru in 1968, is an activist, feminist, and visual artist. Her pop art highlights women’s struggles worldwide, profiling heroic leaders and depicting protests past and present.

Ms. Acha-Kutscher describes her Women Working for Women series:

“Women Working for Women is a project for public spaces that recovers the women’s historic memory through portraits of female personalities who have forged change and fought to improve the situation for their gender. The project also includes visual registers based on press images of the female memory in public protests. Each image is the result of an investigation in various archives that tells us a story of struggle that has brought important changes to the way we perceive gender and, consequently, to the history of humankind. The elaboration of each portrait are made digitally and printed in large format tarp that refers to the language of political and commercial messages that abound in Latin American cities.”

Ms. Acha-Kutchser explains the need for women’s activism: “I think all women have had at least a bad personal experience of womanhood. Women are the population group most marginalized over the history of humanity and this encourages fighting, contributing and joining with other women to create consciences to give our girls a better future.”


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