Together we raised the bar for corporate giving during Domestic Violence Awareness Month!

Each October JWI sets out to inspire action and raise awareness, and our supporters and friends unfailingly lend their voices to the effort. This year we called on corporations – especially those that sell products and services to women – to donate more funds to domestic violence prevention.  Our executive director, Lori Weinstein, published an op-ed, “Increasing Dollars for Domestic Violence: How Companies Can Do Right For Women and Girls,” calling on women to ask the makers of their favorite products to direct some (or more) corporate philanthropy to an issue that affects one out of every four women. What’s more, thousands of you helped spread the word by sharing images from our social media campaign.

THANK YOU to those who took action and spoke out about corporate giving! Let this be the first of a year’s worth of efforts to raise more money for this critical issue. You can start now by donating to JWI, sustaining our work to empower every girl and woman toward a secure, inspired, self-sufficient future.

Donate now!


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