Yeardley Love’s family ensures her legacy with the One Love Foundation

In the year and a half since University of Virginia student Yeardley Love was killed by her boyfriend George Huguely, her family has created the One Love Foundation, which strives to “educate, encourage and develop in children and young adults four qualities that Yeardley exemplified; service, kindness, humility and sportsmanship.” Yeardley’s mother and sister, Sharon and Lexie, founded the organization; the “One” is for Yeardley’s jersey number during her high school and college lacrosse career.

Last month the One Love Foundation released a cellphone app to help women in abusive relationships, and give family and friends a tool to detect warning signs. The free and anonymous app, available for iPhone and Android, asks the user a series of questions about her relationship, then gives a risk assessment of the danger she might be in.

The organization has also released a public service announcement as part of its “Be 1 For Change” campaign.

Awareness is the first step toward ending abuse. Pass it on.


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