Take Action for VAWA in Your Home State

From the National Task Force to End Sexual and Domestic Violence Against Women

It’s August and your Congressional leaders have headed home for four weeks. It’s time to find them in your state and community and ask them ONE QUESTION:  What have you done to get a final Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) passed that protects all victims of violence?

For nearly two months, Congress has done NOTHING to finish the job and get VAWA signed into law. We have no time to lose. 

Here is what you can do to help:

ACTION 1:  Find Your Congress Person at a Town Hall, Rally or Campaigning on the Street And Ask: What have you done to get a final VAWA passed that protects everyone?

ACTION 2:  Call Your Congress Person’s State or District Office and Tell Them Why VAWA is so Important to You
Find your Member of Congress here.  Tell them why VAWA is critical to you, your loved ones, family and friends and ask them “What have you done to get a final VAWA passed?”

ACTION 3:  Visit Your Member of Congress in Their District Office While They Are Home!
Spend the month of August telling your Congress Member to get VAWA done before the elections. Ask them in their office, on Twitter, through a letter to the editor or on Facebook “What have you done to get a final VAWA passed?”

ACTION 4: Invite Your Represenative in Congress to Come Visit Your Local Domestic Violence Program!
We all know the power of seeing what victims are really going through. Members of Congress need to see it for themselves. Chances are that they will want the press to know about their visit and that’s another opportunity for you to get the message out to the public about the need for VAWA.

Learn more about VAWA and its history, and download JWI’s VAWA toolkit for the Faith community, which includes talking points, tips for meeting with policymakers, and more.


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