Violence Against Women is Never in Style

By Danielle Cantor, JWI Design & Communications Manager

In the latest issue of Bulgarian fashion magazine 12 is a “beauty spread” depicting models with horrific injuries. It’s a feature usually used to sell both a makeup artist’s skills and the season’s hottest new shade of eyeshadow, but the spread – and its message – is plain ugly.

From Jezebel:
“There are models with Black Dahlia-style Glasgow Smiles, models who’ve been strangled, models who’ve had their earrings and facial piercings ripped out, and models who’ve been mutilated with acid. It’s all special-effects makeup, but it’s still sickening. These photos give you an idea the nature of the spread. And it’s hardly the first of its kind.”

Read the rest at Jezebel, and see examples of other “fashion” spreads that have glorified violence against women.


One response to “Violence Against Women is Never in Style

  1. Very cool style designs….

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