Paycheck Fairness Act Fails to Move Forward in U.S. Senate

By Miri Cypers, JWI Senior Policy and Advocacy Specialist

After thousands of phone calls and letters to the Senate about the Paycheck Fairness Act, one thing is very clear: the vast majority of Americans support equal pay for equal work. Despite the groundswell of grassroots support around this legislation, today politics took precedence over that sentiment. While 52 Senators voted to move the Paycheck Fairness Act forward, this majority was not enough to overcome a filibuster by 47 Senators.

This roadblock is a big disappointment for all of the hardworking activists at Jewish Women International and across the country, but it’s important that we not consider this the end of the road. The issue of fair pay isn’t going away, and neither can our advocacy.

Your Senators needs to hear from you and opponents of the bill need to know that women can’t afford unequal pay. Common-sense bills like Paycheck Fairness are critical to closing the wage gap. And amazing champions of this bill need to be thanked for their continued leadership. Even though the vote is over for now, we’re not giving up. We couldn’t have gotten this far without you, and we will continue to need your energy and your voice.

As Senator Barbara Mikulski, the bill’s lead sponsor said on the Senate floor right after the vote, “Put on your lipstick! Square your shoulders! Let’s fight this new American revolution where women receive equal pay for equal work.”


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