Rethinking Shavuot: Women, Relationships & Jewish Texts

By Deborah Rosenbloom, JWI Director of Programs

Just in time for your Shavuot study groups and celebrations, JWI is releasing the second in a series of study guides related to women, relationships, and Jewish texts, designed to spark new conversations by offering a fresh look at old texts.

Rethinking Shavuot is designed thematically to highlight the centrality of three ways to journey toward safety and well-being: living in a community, doing incremental acts of kindness and envisioning a different future. It combines text from the biblical story of Ruth, the heroine of this holiday, with traditional and contemporary commentaries and prompts for conversations.

The guide is designed for use in both formal and informal settings including synagogues, study groups, book clubs, or simply, a group of friends. Please download the guide from our website and share it with friends and colleagues.

We welcome your comments and feedback.

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