Retirement Planning at Any Age

By Hannah Sherman, JWI Intern

“Back in my day…”- you know you’ve heard it before and you may have even uttered the phrase yourself. The new catchphrase for my generation seems to be, “back in my day, Pluto was a planet,” but a much more unnerving utterance will soon emerge from those only a few years older than me; “back in my day we used to have Social Security!”

As a 21-year old, retirement should be the farthest thing from my mind, but in our ever-changing economy, it is invaluable to learn the foundations of asset building in order to ensure financial security later in life. By growing assets at a young age, investing in stocks and bonds and learning financial responsibility, we take control of our own finances. As young people, we need to take advantage of the investment opportunities we have now, allowing this seed money to cushion our future in a world where we can’t rely on things like social security. While we may not be making a lot of money as young adults, putting aside a portion of whatever income we have, and investing it, will have a profound impact on our future financial security.

JWI is doing our part in educating youth on all aspects of financial literacy, providing practical tools in order to help young women gain control of their own finances. Using the helpful resources like the Money Toolbox will enable young girls to think seriously about investing in their futures, creating a more empowered generation of women.


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