Women and the Power of the Pocketbook

By Hannah Sherman, JWI Intern

The Disney princess: tall, big-eyed, abnormally small waist. To these young women, all of the world’s problems are vanquished once the charming prince comes to save the day. While this model of the man as the provider for the family has dominated our society for many, many decades, in recent years women are starting to become more influential in the work force.

A recent article published by Huffington Post, “You’ve Come a Long Way Baby: Three Things Every Woman Should Know About Money” outlined three things every woman should know about money, such as suggestions on how to manage and responsibly use the money that women are making. By encouraging women to take control of their financial assets, we ensure a more independent and confident female population. With tips from meeting with financial advisors to borrowing wisely when it comes to credit to taking advantage of our buying power, the article exemplifies the innate connection between financial independence and women’s empowerment.

From Rosie the Riveter in World War II to some of today’s top executives, women have become increasingly more prominent in America’s workforce. Taking control of our own money makes us more self-reliant and by continuing to “use our economic power wisely and responsibly” we take steps closer to ensuring a more equal world for all.


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