The Big Deal about Financial Literacy

By Deborah Rosenbloom, JWI Director of Programs

Why do we often feel comfortable exchanging personal information with women we casually meet, but have a less-than-close relationship with our own money? It’s hard to be empowered — or at least feel like we’re in control of our lives — if we’re too confused and intimidated to ask questions. April is Financial Literacy Awareness Month, and the perfect opportunity to get to know our own money. We should be as curious and fearless about asking questions about finance as we are when we meet someone new!

With Passover right around the corner, it’s natural to ask questions – say, four of them? – of ourselves:

1) Do I understand what is being deducted from my paycheck?
2) Do I know which tax bracket I’m in?
3) What are some strategic ways to reduce my tax burden so I can better use the money I’ve earned?
4) Am I making smart investment choices for my retirement money?

And of course, the real question is: How do I find the answers?

A woman’s personal security is largely dependent on her financial independence. JWI encourages all women to be curious enough to ask questions, and motivated enough to find the answers. We offer resources, community-based trainings and ideas for conversations about money, and we hope you’ll be inspired during Financial Literacy Awareness Month and beyond to create your own financial freedom. Money, especially our own personal finance, shouldn’t be a mystery.


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