Women in Israeli Society

By Susan Jerison, JWI Director of Marketing and Communications

“It is time that we start an alliance, perhaps that we haven’t had the wisdom or courage to start before,” began Avirama Golan as she addressed a small leadership group convened this Wednesday by JWI and the Embassy of Israel. Golan is a senior correspondent with Haaretz writing on social affairs, and the first female member of the Haaretz editorial board. Speaking about women’s issues in Israel, her message was urgent and troubling as she suggested that the very nature of the state of Israel was at stake. Many in the room called for dialogue – real dialogue with a variety of Israeli women to understand how they see these issues and how American women can be supportive. She urged that American Jews must recognize the complexity of these issues, continue their long history of activism, and help create a dialogue about the future.

JWI Executive Director, Lori Weinstein; Avirama Golan; Chair of JWI's board of trustees, Susan Turnbull.

Read about the issue in the New York Times article “Israelis Facing a Seismic Rift Over Role of Women”
View more photos from the event on our Facebook page


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