Coming to Terms with Feminism

By Emily Graham, graduate of Bowdoin College & former JWI Intern

This article appeared in the Washington Jewish Week on February 24, 2011

Emily Graham

I never considered myself much of a feminist before I left home for college.  On the contrary, I found the word to be a rather undignified and dated term, which was not at all applicable to the life of a Jewish girl coming from a liberal, upper-middleclass background.  I remember vividly a group discussion that took place during high school health class, in which one student announced that a girl was “asking for it” if she dressed provocatively and was subsequently sexually assaulted.  When I objected, the student turned to me and muttered “feminist” under his breath.  Red in the face, I quickly recoiled, ashamed to have been associated with the bra burners and Betty Friedans of my mother’s generation.  The horror.

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