Show your support for Naama Margolese and her friends

Naama Margolese is an 8-year-old Israeli girl who was routinely taunted by ultra-Orthodox men on her way to school. Naama was so traumatized by these assaults on her and her schoolmates that she refused to walk to school even accompanied by her mother. Thousands of Israelis have protested this violence. Now it is time for us to show her our support.

Naama’s story is the latest, egregious example in a wave of violence and intimidation of women and girls in Israel. It is part of an expansive effort led by groups of ultra-Orthodox men to institute gender discrimination across Israeli society, violating women’s basic and foundational rights.

Please join us in signing a letter of support to Naama and to her classmates at Orot Banot, a religious Zionist girls school in Beit Shemesh, telling them that we stand with them and support their rights to education and human decency. This is a pivotal time for women’s rights in Israel and we urge all who care about the well-being of Israel and importance of social justice and gender parity to speak out against discrimination of women and girls in all forms.

JWI is committed to protecting the fundamental rights of women and girls, and we will continue to work in the United States, Israel and in Jewish communities around the world to uphold and strengthen their safety, security, and equality. Women encouraging women: that’s what we do.


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