An Inspirational and Uplifting Day

By Lori Weinstein, JWI Executive Director

365 days of the year, JWI is on the front lines of ensuring the physical, emotional and economic safety of women and girls. But on one day we pause to honor the important work of our organization and to celebrate the unique accomplishments and formidable leadership of ten outstanding Jewish women. Yesterday’s Women to Watch event was dazzling. This year’s honorees are a very special group – deeply reflective of the breadth of the Jewish community – underscoring the diverse and beautiful tapestry of successful Jewish women across a myriad of professional, personal and philanthropic interests.

It was an inspirational and uplifting day – and an honor for JWI to convene a group of such amazing talent and leadership. I am always moved by the wisdom and generosity of our honorees and encouraged by the hundreds of women and men who join JWI to celebrate our honorees and to honor the organization’s unwavering commitment to empower women and girls; protecting their fundamental rights to live in safe homes, thrive in healthy relationships and reach the potential of their dreams and aspirations.

From L to R: Ellen Stone; Esther Newman; Abbie Weisberg; Kathy Manning;
Alexis Kashar; Lori Weinstein, JWI Executive Director; Susan Turnbull, Chair, JWI Board of Trustees; Julie Schonfeld; Kim Heiman; Abby Greensfelder; Rynthia Rost. Photo by Michael Kress.


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