Domestic Violence & Children

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Pass it on.

By Alexandra Huss, JWI Intern

The Makers of Memories Foundation has created a powerful video that shares domestic violence statistics and weaves them together with images and music to paint the true terror of a child living with domestic violence.

The video shows how far-reaching abuse can be – as it stays with the children throughout their lives – and demonstrates the urgency and intense care that the issue of domestic violence deserves. The last statistic in the video says that in 2010, more money was collected to protect native birds in the US than to protect children in unsafe homes. We need to make protecting these children a priority, and speak up to bring the issue of the forefront of our cultural consciousness. We must break the cycle of violence to create a better, stronger future for these children, and for generations to follow.

For more stats on domestic violence, follow us on twitter (@JewishWomenIntl) where we are tweeting out a stat a day throughout DVAM, or visit our website to view all 31 stats.


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