Keep Women and Families Front and Center

Last week, President Obama addressed a joint session of Congress and challenged lawmakers to pass a massive jobs bill as part of an economic recovery package. While specific proposals that Congress will consider remain unknown, one fact is certain: legislation that supports women and their families is key to our economic recovery.

The President’s speech was an important step, but it is our job to insist that Congress acts swiftly. At JWI, we know that women have been disproportionately harmed by the recession—they face high unemployment rates and are more reliant on social safety net programs for their financial security. We know that if more families face hardship, rates of domestic violence will increase.

As part of our commitment to the security of women and families, we have been working with coalition partners, White House staff, and Congressional leaders. In the coming months, we will be contacting you with updates and action alerts on the new jobs bill, the ongoing budget process, and how to best advocate for the issues that we all care about:

  • Continued funding for violence prevention and education programs;
  • Critical social safety net programs like Medicare and Social Security;
  • Health care and reproductive services for women; and
  • Creating jobs and getting people back to work.

The President reminded us just how much is at stake. We urge you to be in touch with your Members of Congress to keep women and families front and center.


One response to “Keep Women and Families Front and Center

  1. Important steps have been taken — let’s get to work!

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