Institute of Medicine Releases Landmark Report on Preventative Health Services

By Miri Cypers, Senior Policy and Advocacy Specialist

This week, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) released a landmark report recommending that birth control, screening and counseling for domestic violence, yearly well-woman visits, among other things, are essential women’s preventative health services and therefore should be covered by health insurance plans at no cost to women.

So what does this mean for millions of women across the United States? Women will not have to pay co-pays for birth control and can better avoid unintended pregnancies. More women will be able to fill prescriptions and undergo cancer screenings. The list goes on and on.

I am proud to work at an organization that for decades has recognized the importance of prevention in every woman’s life. Jewish Women International (JWI) is an unwavering voice for women’s access to comprehensive reproductive health services.

While the Department of Health and Human Services still has to determine which screenings and services will be available to women based on the IOM’s recommendations, we at JWI applaud the notion that contraception, counseling, and screening is preventative health care.

To access the full report, please click the link below:


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