JWI Condemns the Passage of HR 3

Jewish Women International condemns the passing of HR 3 by the House of Representatives, which imposes significant restrictions on a woman’s right to an abortion even when her own life is at risk.  If this bill becomes law, it enacts a range of taxes and increased costs on all private insurance plans that cover abortion, as well as putting a permanent ban on all abortion coverage for women who depend on our government for their health care.  It puts the health and well-being of millions of women at risk.

HR 3 is the latest in a barrage of attacks on women’s health and reproductive choice.  It is JWI’s long-held belief that women and their families have the right to make their own decisions about pregnancy and health care, and that these decisions must remain a private matter.  This bill could mean an end to all private insurance coverage for abortion services. Eroding longstanding exemptions for abortion coverage when the life of a woman is in danger as well as increasing the tax burden on individuals and small businesses are irresponsible attacks on these services.

As this bill moves on to the Senate, JWI will continue to push for its defeat.  We urge the Senate to stand up for women and stop the insidious efforts to restrict reproductive freedom.


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