Make Your Mother’s Day

This year, as part of the Mother’s Day Flower Project, JWI took to the streets and asked people to tell us what’s special about moms and motherhood – the funny stuff, the touching stuff… even a little annoying stuff.

Watch these stories, enjoy a smile, and help JWI raise funds to recognize the thousands of moms who will spend this Mother’s Day in a women’s shelter, without their family and friends.

But wait – there’s more! We need you to help us raise money and spread the word. So please…

  • Send a Flower Project card to your mom (and any other special mothers you know), which will help JWI send bouquets and gifts to women in shelters across the country.
  • Share the video and encourage others to participate in this meaningful project.
  • Join in the conversation: Drop a comment celebrating the exceptional mothers in your life – on Facebook or Twitter, or by uploading your own video to our YouTube channel.
  • And don’t forget to tell all the moms in your life how special they are!

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