The Y-Files: One Man’s Look Inside JWI

By Jonathan Strausberg, Senior Development Manager

It’s now been six months since I joined Jewish Women International.  What an experience it’s been.  Lately I’ve been going out and meeting a lot of new people, talking about JWI and hopefully developing some new contacts.  Every time I give a new person my business card, I get that inquisitive look that says, “You work for Jewish Women International, and you’re a man.”  What they actually say is, “Are you the only man working in the office?”

My answer is always the same (which I say with a smile), “Yes, I’m the only man working at JWI…I fulfill the quota requirement.”

So really, what’s it like representing men at JWI?  It’s enlightening to say the least, but I think that there is more.  As I talk to people about JWI’s mission of safe homes, healthy relationships, and strong women, it always strikes me that most of life involves partnerships and particularly when it comes to safe home and healthy relationships men play an important role in helping make those things real.  By empowering women to be strong, we are making sure that they are not reliant on men (or anyone else) to have a safe home and healthy relationships.    And it makes me proud to be a part of that, because together safe homes, healthy relationships, and strong women make our community stronger and gives us a brighter future.

This is to all the men out there.  We have a role in Jewish Women International’s mission.  We are responsible for being good partners and knowing what it takes to be part of healthy relationships and making safe homes.  There is the old saying, “Behind every great man is an even greater woman.”  Nowadays, it is just as important to say and believe, “Behind every strong woman is a man who supports her strength and independence.”


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