Rabbi Sharon Brous issues a wake-up call following the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords

Rabbi Sharon Brous – a JWI Woman to Watch in 2009 – wrote an “On Faith” essay for the Washington Post this week about the role of inflammatory political language in last weekend’s shooting in Tucson.

“For two years we have watched as political leaders and members of the press have made incendiary rhetoric not the exception but the rule in Washington and around the country… Those who have been in politics from the heyday of the Civil Rights Movement and the most contentious years of the Vietnam War have warned us that they have never seen an America as dangerously divided as our country is today.”

Read “Vitriol + Guns = Disaster.”

JWI is an increasingly audible voice on Capitol Hill advocating for federal legislation that addresses domestic abuse, sexual assault, human trafficking, reproductive choice, economic security and gun violence. As leaders in the faith community, we work in coalition with secular and faith organizations, and we are proud to be a powerful force within the Jewish community. Please join our advocacy network and help make the world – and your community – a safer place.


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