Eggshells and Tightropes


eggshells are fragile
they easily break
you walk on them carefully,
for safety’s sake.

And yet with each step
you surely know
as eggshells come
and eggshells go

that break they will
with a crunch and crackle
and then you will feel
the collar and shackle.


A tightrope,
that’s different
that you can master
and walk it quite nimbly;
avoiding disaster.

A tightrope is narrow
so do watch your step;
and maintain your balance
become quite adept
at reading the signals

that shape your demeanor
so the tightrope will give you
that slack that you need
to stay on the precariously,
watching the lead.


Eggshells are fragile,
eggshells will break,
and that can be scary
when your life’s at stake.

Tightropes feel safer
you feel that if only
you try really hard,
you’ll do it with ease
and reap your reward.

When the tightrope wiggles
and your balance will waver
you know it’s a signal
that you’re losing favor.


You need to continue
to pay close attention
always be pleasing,
avoiding dissension

Come on,
you can do this;
you’ve done it for years,
and learned how to handle
your hopes and your fears.

You can stay
on the tightrope,
your life is at stake.
Below you lie eggshells
that crunch when they break.

Liz Lippa


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