The man accused of killing a Yale graduate student had a history of dating violence.

According to a September 16, 2009 article in the New Haven Independent, the man accused of murdering Yale graduate student Annie Le had harassed and raped a high school girlfriend.

Back on Sept. 29, 2003 he was a senior at Branford High School when Det. Ronald Washington responded to a report of a dispute. The dispute was between the young Branford woman and the (now) lab tech. A top school official had summoned the police to the high school.

“The two are in a relationship which [the girlfriend] wishes to terminate and [the male] does not wish to end it.” Washington wrote in the report. “[The male] did attempt to confront [the student] on this date and also wrote on her locker. The school will handle this incident concerning the locker and at the time of this report, [the lab tech] was advised to have no contact with” the female student.

The detective wrote that subsequently the girlfriend came with her mother to the station to speak to him.

She “wished to tell me of an incident that took place, however, did not want it pursued by this Department,” the detective wrote. “She stated that she had been having a sexual relationship with [the male] and that at one time [the male] did force her to have sex with him. The relationship did continue after that incident, however she is unsure of what he may do as a result of the break up.

“She was advised to contact this Department if he should make any contact with her and we would pursue criminal charges if the investigation warrants it. [The girlfriend] would not give any formal statement regarding the forced sex. It should be noted that [the male’s] parents were also contacted by this Detective and advised of the situation.”

No arrest was made because the young woman decided not to press charges, police wrote.

Abuser accountability can be a matter of life and death – and not just for today’s victim.


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