NPR: A Memoir Of Domestic Violence And ‘Crazy Love’

Former Washington Post executive Leslie Morgan Steiner is a best-selling author with degrees from two Ivy League schools, three adorable children and a loving and successful husband. If you met her on the street you might never guess her secret: that she was once married to a man who beat her with abandon on a regular basis — an experience she recounts in the memoir Crazy Love.

Read the complete interview from April 2, 2009.


3 responses to “NPR: A Memoir Of Domestic Violence And ‘Crazy Love’

  1. Are you going to do a story each day? The National Network to End DV is doing 31 days of statistics.

    Thank you for doing this post. I’ve taken the liberty of writing about it today.

  2. Pingback: Where’s the Color Purple? October Is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month « Anne Caroline Drake

  3. Yes, we’ll be doing one post per day throughout the month.

    Thank you for mentioning us on your blog, Anne!

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