stay tuned for JWI advocacy news

(Deborah Rosenbloom, Esq. is the director of programs at JWI)

JWI has a long and proud legacy of advocating on Capitol Hill with an agenda supporting women, children and families and we are proud to be reinvigorating our advocacy work today. As the former Bnai Brith Women, we were the first Jewish organization to support the Equal Rights Amendment, marched and lobbied for reproductive choice, the War on Poverty, Social Security benefits for women, assistance for the displaced homemaker, women’s and infants’ health care, and reducing teenage pregnancy.

It is with these many accomplishments in mind that we are increasing our presence on Capitol Hill to advocate and campaign vigorously for policies supporting the well-being of women and girls. The stakes are, as always, high and it is imperative that we lift our voice at this critical juncture. Our new advocacy coordinator, Michelle Freeman, comes to us with both grassroots and Capitol Hill experience and will be posting entries here about our work – the roadblocks, the progress and the victories as we lobby, work in coalitions, and help draft legislation.

We’d love to hear back from you, please join with us as we raise our voices.

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