10.9: drawing by a young child at Safe Harbor shelter in Richmond, VA

(click for full size)

The UN Secretary-General’s Study on Violence Against Children conservatively estimates that 275 million children worldwide are exposed to violence in the home.

Behind Closed Doors: The Impact of Domestic Violence on Children. 2006. The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF).

In a single day in 2007, 13,485 children were living in a domestic violence shelter or transitional housing facility. Another 5,526 sought services at a non-residential program.

Domestic Violence Counts 07: A 24-hour census of domestic violence shelters and services across the United States.  2008.  National Network to End Domestic Violence.

Physical abuse during childhood more than doubles the risk of future victimization among women and the risk of future perpetration of abuse by men.

Whitfield, CL, Anda RF, Dube SR, Felittle VJ.  2003.  Violent Childhood Experiences and the Risk of Intimate Partner Violence in Adults: Assessment in a Large Health Maintenance Organization.  Journal of Interpersonal Violence.  18(2): 166-185.

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